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April 9 – 11, 2019
New Jersey

We’ve been building the Channel Optimization in Pharma Marketing community since 2017 – when we first started the term was still a new concept to the pharma industry. Since then, the ChOp meeting has been praised as a high-energy, fully immersive, and truly peer-led platform designed for ambitious Marketing leaders in pharma.

Engage in this unique platform to learn, share, be inspired and challenged by your fellows – and get the first hand insights of real stories by industry pioneers.

Whether you’re a Marketing leader in a big pharma or SME biotech, if you want to connect with those who are embracing techs and eager to make a change in the ways to communicate with HCPs and patients, this is the meeting for you.

Through honest and open dialogues on success stories and lessons learned, you’ll find inspiration and best actionable tips from our elite speakers, such as:

  • UCB’s omni-channel approach to engage with patients and physicians
  • Astellas’s marketing data analytics team’s secret to help you dissect the channels’ relationships
  • Sunovion Pharma on how to be compliant for personalized messaging

And much more..

Take a look at last meeting’s event guide to see why this is an unmissable event that you and your team wouldn’t want to miss.

Join us in April to be part of the definitive community –  and make leaps in your engagement and outreach strategy!

"The shared info from industry partners was great and perfect networking opportunity."
– Regional Account Executive, Bayer

‘This is a great conference with focused content and I also enjoy the networking opportunities to meet like-minded colleagues for knowledge sharing.’
- Product Manager, Insmed

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