April 9 – 11, 2019
New Jersey

Day One
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Day Two
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Registration & Coffee

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Let’s Talk – Engage with Your HCPs and Patients

Keynote: The Big Come Back: Account-Based Approach

  • John Vieira Senior Director, Global Marketing, Leo Pharma


  • Strategic account-based marketing: the pros and cons
  • A face lift to ABM: from resourcing to a ‘concierge’ service mindset
  • Collaboration between sales, marketing, commercial and HCPs to provide value-adding services to increase patient engagement and adherence

The Rise of Remote Sales – How Can They Make an Impact to Your Commercial Excellence?


  • Remote sales’ role and the driving force to orchestrate marketing and field sales
  • Decrypting inside channels and inside sales – ROI and complementing traditional field sales and marketing activities
  • Extracting insights and delivering a coherent voice to increase engagement with your HCPs and patients for commercial excellence

A Power Couple – Driving Commercial Success through Strategic Collaboration between Sales & Marketing


  • It’s time to break down the silos – from culture to organizational set up, ensure strategic collaboration between sales and marketing
  • How does it work in practical terms?
  • Next steps – translate strategic brand vision to operation to boost commercial success

Speed Networking & Refreshments


Through this interactive session you will be able to meet like-minded fellows and break the ice! 

Your Recipe for Success

Unlocking the Online Behavior of Physicians


  • The importance of content consumption preferences in driving valuable engagements with physicians
  • Why online behavior measurement is the key to successful relationship building
  • How to take HCPs on a brand journey by leveraging not just behavioral data, but unique behaviors

Actions & Reflections

  • John Lineen Global Digital Channel Lead, Web/Mobile, GSK


This interactive roundtable brain storm session will split audience into groups to discuss the above topics. At the end of the 30mins session, each group will present their findings and recommendations to the rest of the audience.

  • What are the teams you should collaborate internally and how to achieve a seamless sales & marketing orchestration?
  • How often do you review and revise your channel plan according to lifecycle?
  • How to leverage digital channels and data analytics to enhance product value and customer influence?

Lunch & Networking

Programmatic Marketing in Pharma

  • Paul Murasko Senior Director, Multi-Channel Marketing, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals


  • Are we falling behind in programmatic marketing?
  • Regulatory compliance: where do we draw the line?
  • From non-personal to personal: tools and data sources to help pharma marketers for personalized communications to HCPs and patients

It’s Not One-Size-Fit-All: What to Consider to Optimize Your Channel Plan?

  • Victor Caliman Director of Dermatology & Pediatric Marketing, Promius Pharmaceuticals


  • What are the parameters you should set before laying out your channel plan?
  • Disease stage, therapeutics areas, lifecycle and competitive landscape – how do they impact on your channel decision?
  • The disconnect: bridging the gap between your product and brand to have a cohesive voice

Afternoon Tea & Networking

Panel Discussion: The Changing Dynamics – Interactions and Relationships with HCPs


  • What do HCPs expect from you?
  • Using data to create and automate distribution of promotional information
  • Digital enablement and transformation: from mobile to apps to website and virtual learning

Joined by speakers of the day

Designing for the Person, Not the Channel: Use Cases of Business Success


  • Informed by the needs, desires, and aspirations of people
  • Success stories and lessons learned

Commercial Excellence – Partnerships Model with Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

  • Robert Ahston Senior Director, Marketing & Commercial Operations, Theravance Biopharma


  • The changing model of healthcare and patient’s behavior – partnerships with hospitals and physicians
  • How can we utilize digital channels to enable engagements with hospitals and healthcare providers?
  • The lifecycle shift and challenges with remote access

Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 1