April 9 – 11, 2019
New Jersey

Day One
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Day Two
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Registration & Coffee

Chair’s Opening Remarkse

Novel Technologies in Channel Engagement

Keynote: The Magic Wand to Maximize Your Brand & Product Lifecycle in a Cost-Efficient Manner


  • How to extend brand lifecycle for products that have reached its peak?
  • The trial of tele-detailing to optimize your salesforce resources
  • How to execute and define metrics?
  • The roll out – what does it take?

What Does It Take to Define and Deliver an Omni- Channel Marketing Plan?

  • Natalie Mancuso Associate Director of Marketing, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


  • How to develop an integrated MCM and omni-channel strategy?
  • Map out your customers’ needs and behavior before designing and validating your channel plan
  • Leveraging technology platforms to deliver a holistic and consistent UX and drive customer engagements

Case Study: What Does Omni-channel Mean in Practical Terms?

  • Victor Caliman Director of Dermatology & Pediatric Marketing, Promius Pharmaceuticals


  • What does it take to deliver an integrated experience for your HCPs and patients?
  • The challenges of creating uniform content and messages, and seamless experiences
  • Optimization: who are your target audience and which channels to prioritize?

Morning Refreshments & Networking Break

Standing Out in the Crowd – A Generic’s Success Launch Story

  • Ben Pettit Senior Director, Marketing, Xellia Pharmaceuticals


  • Xellia’s journey – anti-infective injectable launch
  • The challenges of differentiating from branded products: clear understanding of your customers and segmentation
  • How can you leverage the traditional channels and digital to prepare for launch?
  • Post-launch channel evaluation

Actions & Reflections: Setting Up for Success: Prep Talk for Launch


Based on the morning sessions, we will split the audience into groups to reflect on the following topics, and brainstorm for actions. At the end of this session, each group will report their one top tip for the rest of the audience for knowledge sharing.

  • The long wait – launch preparation – when should you start validating your campaign plan?
  • Dealing with the unknowns: how to de-risk?
  • How agile should your plan be?

Complexity of Your Channels and How do they Interact?


  • Assess the inter-dependence and intricate relationships across a variety of channels
  • Map out your customer journey and touchpoints
  • Can you really measure and attribute ROIs?

Session reserved for Program Partner

Lunch & Networking

Looking into the Future – The Complexity and Changing Healthcare Landscape

Consumer Marketing: Can We Apply this in the Pharma World?

  • Anvita Karara Associate Director, Digital & Customer Experience, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


  • Amplify your brand message is a powerful tool
  • Why consumer marketing is a challenge in pharma?

Digital Channels to Engage with Your Consumer in the Pharma World

  • Gilbert Gil Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing & Digital CoE, Leo Pharma


  • Identify your ‘consumers’ – who are they and how to reach them?
  • The challenge of content engineering and having a unified voice across channels
  • How to measure success?

The Rise of Specialty Drugs: Oncology Products

  • Mike Edwards Director of Hematology Consumer Marketing, Novartis Oncology


  • Is it possible to have consumer marketing in oncology products?
  • Identifying your patients and HCPs in the limited pool to drive very targeted campaign and accurate response rate
  • The challenge and lesson learned – from cultural shift to educational platforms for both HCPs and patients to increase engagement
  • Racing against time due to disease state

Size Doesn’t Always Matter: The Success Story of a Small-Medium Biotech


  • Work smarter when resources and budgets are constraints
  • Be agile, focused and selective – driving an impactful and relevant campaign
  • Can you predict? Use data and analytics to your advantages

Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference