April 9 – 11, 2019
New Jersey

From Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel: Your A-Z 




Trail-blaze Tech Innovations Capture Data Intelligence Empower HCPs & Patients Outreach

We’ve been building the Channel Optimization in Pharma Marketing community since 2016 – when we first started the term was still a new concept to the pharma industry. Since then, the ChOp meeting has been praised as a high-energy, fully immersive, and truly peer-led platform designed for ambitious Marketing leaders in pharma. Engage in this unique platform to learn, share, be inspired and challenged by your fellows – and get the first hand insights of real stories by industry pioneers. Through honest and open dialogues on success stories and lessons learned, you’ll find inspiration and best actionable tips from our elite speakers, such as:

  • EPAM Systems demonstrate how to design an omni-channel approach to drive customer engagement
  • Regeneron and Promius Pharmaceuticals’s omni-channel approach to engage with patients and physicians
  • UCB’s tactics in breaking down the silos of sales and marketing to maximize commercial effectiveness
  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals’s winning channel strategy to prepare for a generic launch
  • Bausch + Lomb shares how to leverage tele-detailing to maximize brand and product lifecycle in a cost-efficient manner
  • Sunovion Pharma on how to apply programmatic marketing and its benefits in pharmaceuticals

"An innovative and trending multi-channel marketing summit."
- Global Marketing Director, Merck

"Exciting, relevant event with plenty of networking opportunities!"
- Senior Manager - Market Analytics & Market Intelligence, Tesaro

"Solid all-around experience!"
- Business Development Manager, Indegene

"This meeting provides me with really focused and practical discussions on key topic in marketing. The presentations were well put together and intriguing, and even vendor talks were informational which highlighted industry trends and best practices."
- Assistant Director, Business Analytics, Astellas